If there’s one universal truth about humans, it’s that we’re visual creatures. Humans have always been drawn to beautiful places, people, and things. That’s why art has become such a significant part of our culture over the centuries. Enjoying art is an intrinsic part of the human experience. Numerous studies have shown that appreciating art is not only pleasant, it’s actually beneficial for our mental health. Below we’ll be delving into the fascinating topic of why art appreciation is good for the brain.

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How Art Stimulates The Brain

Our brains are filled with neurons that transmit information and trigger emotional responses. Viewing art stimulates the neurons associated with vision, memory, recognition, and pleasure. It impacts our brain waves and patterns, influencing our nervous system and raising our serotonin levels. Our analytical senses spark up as we begin to process and give meaning to the new images that we see.

Challenge Yourself with Art You May Not Usually Consider to Activate Your Brain Cells! 

Viewing art is more than just a pleasurable experience. It’s vital for furthering our education and mental development. Analyzing art is considered high order mental processing, as it develops neural systems that enhance creativity, emotional balance, and even motor skills. Studies have proven that arts education has a positive impact on general academic achievement, as well as social and emotional development. When you’re admiring a piece of artwork, you’re not just looking at a pretty picture - you’re sharpening your mind!

Why Art Is Beneficial For Mental Health

Art is a powerful medium that has the power to change our perspective on the world. Viewing art increases blood flow to the brain and generates the same pleasure response that we feel when we look at a loved one. A stunning piece of artwork can have the same mentally calming effect as great music or time spent in nature.


The Dancers and the Bull

Immersing yourself with artwork inspires a sense of inspiration, amazement, and wonder, while instilling a sense of hope and fulfillment. These feelings promote emotional healing that is vital for a healthy mental state. Programs like art therapy have demonstrated that creative activities reduce stress and depression, which is why they have become so popular for mental health treatments.

How You Can Add Art Appreciation Into Your Daily Life

A little bit of art can go a long way. If you’d like to boost your mood and increase your cognitive functions with art, there are many ways you can do so.

  • Visit a museum or gallery. Treat your brain to a true sensory stimulation by surrounding yourself with stunning pieces of artwork. Your local art museums and galleries are filled with pieces that will inspire and calm you.
  • Decorate your home with artwork. You don’t have to travel far to appreciate art. Your home’s walls and your brain will benefit from some fresh, artistic decor.
  • Seek out alternative forms of art. Paintings and prints are popular forms of artwork, but there are many other avenues to explore. You can bring a bit of artwork with you everywhere you go by wearing clothing with art prints, choosing art-inspired home decor, or even using a piece of artwork as your cell phone or laptop wallpaper.

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February 07, 2022 — Ane Howard