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Fashion Art by Ane

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Wearable Art Kind to the planet

Slow Fashion Wearable Art

FABA's slow fashion collection is leading the slow fashion movement. More consumers are switching to eco-friendly styles than ever, leading to rapid growth within the sustainable fashion industry.

Recyclable Fabrics

FABA is committed to sustainability and a life of beauty. Our made-to-order Wearable Art is inspired by and for nature by using only organic or recycled fibers to recycle packaging.

Why Choose Organic?

Organic cotton uses all-natural seeds from organically grown crops. It produces a much higher quality garment.No pesticides and harmful chemicals result in cleaner air and water, soil biodiversity, and healthier for all.

Meet the Designer

From the artist

« From my California studio, I create with love, original artwork, and eco-friendly wearable art. I hope to bring beauty and inspiration to every aspect of your life.»
Ane Howard
From the people
From the people
This skirt is STUNNING I love my Blue Zebra Midi Silk Skirt. Just WOW! The Blue Zebra pattern is so gorgeous. I get so many compliments.
— Nicole B.
From the people
My Abstract Feeling Vegan Leather boots are so original. I pair them with a skirt as well as my jeans. I get so many compliments. Love my boots! And it’s vegan leather!
— Valerie B
From the people
Fashion Forward Bomber Jacket LOVE IT. My bomber jacket is a conversation starter! I love everything about it, the art, the fabric, the fit. It is GORGEOUS.
— Lisa E.


One Flower Women's Short Sleeve Button Up

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