scarf worn as a headband

Need some inspiration for your holiday shopping? No matter how close we are with our loved ones, there always seems to be one person on our lists that is difficult to shop for. Luckily, there’s one universally loved item that makes a stylish, meaningful, and practical gift: a scarf! These versatile accessories make great gifts for so many reasons, which we’ll be highlighting below.

1.   They’re A Symbol Of Warmth & Affection

A scarf is essentially the physical form of an embrace. It wraps around your body, providing warmth and comfort against the harshest conditions. This means that a gifted scarf will feel like a portable hug from you. What could be sweeter?

 scarf secret life of plants

Secret Life of Plants Large Designer Scarf ($45)

2.   They’re Accessible To All Bodies

While gifting clothing can be risky, a sizeless scarf works for all bodies. You won’t have to stress about getting the size wrong because, well, a scarf doesn’t have one! The only things you’ll need to be conscious of are preferred colors, patterns, and fabrics, but those are much easier to figure out than a size. See full art-inspired collection!


Bird of Paradise Wool Poncho Wrap ($170)

3.   They’re Timeless & Seasonless

Scarves never go out of style. Although they’re often associated with colder months, lightweight silk scarves can still be worn in the summer to create a sophisticated, retro-inspired feel. Scarves tend to transcend trends more than other accessories, perhaps because they already come in signature shapes and textures. No matter which season or climate you’re shopping for, a scarf is always chic! 


4.   They Offer Endless Styling Options

Scarves are possibly the most versatile accessory in the world. Hats can only be worn on the head and gloves can only be worn on hands, but scarves can be worn in several different ways. Big wool scarves are most traditionally worn as neck and throat warmers, but they can also be worn as shawls or shoulder wraps. Smaller silk scarves can double as headbands, hair ties, bracelets, chokers, belts, or handbag straps. 

5.   They Express Individuality

Scarves are an excellent way to add an eye-catching twist to an outfit. Whether you’re bringing a pop of color or print to an otherwise dark winter outfit or you’re adding an elegant touch to a summer look with a silk scarf, it’s one accessory that can truly transform an outfit. Choosing a printed art to wear scarf will definitely add character to any look!


Ane Howard’s Art To Wear Scarf Collection

If you’re looking for a truly special scarf for someone you love, consider an exclusive scarf made by eco fashion designer and artist Ane Howard. Her designs feature one-of-a-kind art prints inspired by her own paintings and creations - you won’t find any similar scarves anywhere else! Ane’s eco-friendly scarves are ethically made in Europe and California with sustainable fabrics including silk, wool, and recycled polyester. They also make shopping sustainably accessible, with many scarves and gifts under $70 available.


Treat your loved ones to unique scarves they’ll want to wear on repeat. Browse Ane Howard’s full range of eco-friendly art to wear scarves, shawls, and wraps.

December 07, 2022 — Ane Howard