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The Indiegogo campaign offers backers perks unavailable everywhere else, such as artwork and the Big Sur Collection. Rewards for the backers starts at $45.

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FABA hopes to raise $15K to continue creating art and sustainable fashion and educate the public about the dangers of Fast Fashion and the benefits of Slow Fashion.

The Problem: Why Should You Care? Fast Fashion is dangerous for the environment and its workers. 

As the fashion industry expands, producing low-cost, disposable garments have emerged as the dominant trend. Known as "Fast Fashion," the significant environmental impacts of this approach cannot be overlooked. Fast Fashion is responsible for 10 % of the world's carbon footprints and encourages a culture of waste and greed, dumping chemicals and underpaying its workers, often in an unsafe environment.

Our shopping approach is "Buy Less. Buy Quality"


The Solution: FABA Collection leads the way to dress fashionistas sustainably.

A preferable alternative for eco-conscious fashionistas is Slow Fashion Wearable Art, which emphasizes adherence to quality and durability instead of expediency. In contrast to the disposability of Fast Fashion designs, FABA Wearable Art's intricate and personalized production values superior craftsmanship and individuality. The process ensures the long-lasting sustainability of Wearable Art's design and production, representing a conscious effort to combat climate change while wearing fashion-forward styles.

"I launched FABA to sustainably support artists, fashion artisans, and garment workers. Furthermore, FABA serves as a forum to inform the public about the Fast Fashion's danger and the benefits of the Slow Fashion movement” , said Ane Howard, Artist and CEO of FABA.

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Why do Fashionistas Wear FABA?

Eco-conscious Fashionistas Want to Wear Wearable Art

  • Fashionistas want to wear wearable art because they seek unique and personalized fashion items that reflect their individuality and style.
  • Fashionistas want to wear wearable art because it often involves sustainable and eco-friendly fashion practices.


Mission Statement

FABA offers a sustainable way to dress well, support artists and garment workers, and protect our planet. 

Wearable Art Kind to the Planet.

Please visit https://igg.me/at/FABA to contribute to this Indiegogo campaign.

Instagram:  fabacollection

Facebook: Fashionable Art by ane

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April 06, 2023 — Ane Howard
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