Prints are some of the most misunderstood pieces of artwork in the industry. Since they’re often smaller and less expensive than paintings, many people believe that art prints aren’t a worthwhile investment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Art prints are as beautiful and meaningful as any other form of artwork, and they offer incredible value for your money. Find out why you should add fine art prints to your collection below!


What Is An Art Print?

Many people believe that art prints are simply reproductions of original pieces of artwork or paintings, but this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of original art prints too. They’re a genuine form of artwork that deserve to be respected and admired as much as conventional paintings.


Art prints come in many different forms: canvas, giclée, white metal, woodcut, etching, silkscreen … they’re much more than printed out pieces of paper! You can learn more about some of the most popular formats of art prints, and which one is best for you, here

Are Art Prints Good Investments?

So, are art prints worth it? Yes! Art prints can be excellent investments. Their value depends on several factors, including the quality of the print, the technique of the artwork, the availability of the artwork, and the artist themselves.


A limited edition print from a famous artist can be extremely valuable, but that doesn’t mean you should write off up-and-coming artists. You never know how much a print may be worth some day, and it’s always a good moral investment to support talented new artists.

The Benefits Of Art Prints

There are lots of reasons to choose art prints in addition to paintings and other original pieces of artwork.


  • They are more affordable than paintings. Prints make fine art accessible to a larger audience with their reasonable prices. While a painting or original piece of artwork may have a price tag with four figures, prints are often available in the double digit range. Whether you’re a new collector that wants to test the waters of the art world or you’re being cautious with your budget, art prints are a fantastic choice for affordable artwork.
  • They’re versatile. From convenient transportation to a wide variety of textures and framing options, art prints are an easy way to enjoy art. Buyers are often allowed to choose the finish of their prints, such as glossy or matte, while paintings are only available as is. Go for a sleek and contemporary look with a white metal print, or recreate a classic feeling with a canvas print in a vintage frame. The sky’s the limit with art prints!
  • They’re low maintenance and durable. Enjoy your art print for years to come without worrying about discoloration. If you don’t want to think too much about how natural light and placement will affect your artwork, art prints are ideal for you.

Fine Art Prints By Ane Howard

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