Now that you know how to hang your wall art with the precision of an art curator, it’s time to talk about the creative side of home decor. It’s easy enough to stick to a color theme, but how can you display your stunning new piece of artwork in a way that really makes it pop? Below we’re sharing wall art ideas that will make your living space feel simultaneously elegant and vibrant.

 7 secrets oil painting on canvas

Abstract Blue: 7 Secrets Oil Painting ($2400)

Use Natural Focal Points

There are certain areas that eyes are immediately drawn to when entering a room. They tend to be the largest features, such as the fireplace or the couch in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, or the stove in the kitchen. Use these areas as guidelines when you decide on the placement of your artwork. You may have to work around the architecture, but they make excellent areas to prominently display artwork.

 abstract paintings

Abstract Sailing at Sunset Print ($155.90) and Urban Garden Stretch Canvas Print ($169.90) can be hung side by side to create a symmetrical wall display

Hang Multiple Pieces of Artwork Using Symmetry

Avid art collectors will likely have multiple pieces that share the same size. If these pieces share a similar theme, it only makes sense to hang them together as a display. This method is all about balance, so stick to even numbers and limit the space between each piece. For larger walls, you can keep about 4-6’ between each frame. For smaller walls, keep it tight with only a few inches between frames.

 mixed artwork


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Hang Multiple Pieces Of Artwork Using Asymmetry

If your decor style is more eclectic, you’ll enjoy asymmetric art displays. From gallery walls with numerous pieces to small clusters, there’s a tactic that will make your displays look whimsical yet neat. All you’ll need to do is identify a central vertical line that acts as a starting point. Place your first piece in the center of this vertical line, and build around it. Keep the artwork balanced on either side of the line to ensure your display looks methodical. The pieces can vary in size, but the overall grouping should look harmonious.



color scheme artwork 

Build a vivid color scheme with accents of pink, yellow, and blue with Into The Light Art Print ($198), Abstract Rainbow Bird Print ($179.90), & Abstract Medusa Canvas Print ($135.90)

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing Colors & Textures

Artwork is one of the best ways to inject color and life into a room, so don’t be afraid to embrace it! Your gallery wall or cluster will look much more vivid if it incorporates a few different colors and textures. Of course, you’ll want your display to look good, so it does make sense to choose a general theme. Just don’t be too strict about it. You can mix nature-inspired pieces with cityscapes, or abstract with realist art. Stick to a theme of about 3 colors (feel free to play around with each color’s various shades) to keep things cohesive. If you’re not sure what colors to go for, you can always consult a color wheel to decide which hues will complement each other the most in your space.

Create Balance by Keeping Your Quantities Varied

Walls that are covered in artwork or wall decor have an undeniably eccentric feel, but it’s an easy way for certain pieces to get lost. Place your artwork strategically to really make it stand out. For example, if one wall has several pieces of artwork, limit the quantity on the adjacent wall to just a few pieces. This balances out your walls and gives every piece of artwork the attention it deserves.


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January 18, 2022 — Ane Howard