Payment Plans

Are you wondering if you can buy art on an installment plan? Yes, you can! Many art lovers buy art on layaway installment plans. It's an endearing concept that has always been part of the art world. At Ane Howard Gallery, we believe art should be available and affordable to all people and that is why we offer from two to six-month payment plans. 

To qualify for layaway, the art must cost over $300 and requires an initial deposit between 50% and 25% of the total price. For example, all paintings between $300 and $700 would require a 50% deposit while all paintings over $700 will require a 25% deposit. 

Once we have received your initial deposit, we simply take the total price of the artwork, including taxes, divide by two or six months and set up an automatic recurring monthly payment from a credit card or PayPal account. The payment is set up around the date of the initial deposit. The art stays here at the gallery until it is paid off. No interest or hold charges, just a great way to buy the art you love. Since we are setting aside the work and making it unavailable for others to acquire, all layaway sales are final. There are no exchange or refund. 

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