Galentine’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Art-Inspired Gifts For Friends, Lovers, and Family

Love and art have always been intertwined. Some of the world’s most famous pieces of artwork are depictions of love, or rather an artist’s interpretation of the emotion that so often serves as our driving force in life. Love is a powerful feeling. It’s something that we all crave and appreciate, be it romantic or platonic.

Blue Wave scarf is inspired by the mixed media painting Rising with the Wave.

Blue Wave scarf is inspired by the mixed media painting Rising with the Wave$45.00

That’s why we’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Although it’s often associated with couples, we see it as an opportunity to celebrate all the different kinds of love we have in our lives. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat your loved ones to a meaningful gift that shows them just how much you care. And what better gift can you give than a piece of artwork that was inspired by love? The raw emotions captured on the canvas will serve as a representation of your own love. Below we’re sharing the best art-inspired gifts for your friends, lovers, and family members, because we believe that Valentine’s Day is a holiday for universal love.  

Gifts For Friends

 February the 13th has playfully been dubbed ‘Galentine’s Day’, a holiday that celebrates the beauty of platonic friendships. Your friends have always been there when you need them, so show them your appreciation with an art-inspired piece.

camera bag

 Handmade Camera Leather Bag La Mer ($285)


Silk Medusa Scarf ($34 - $48)


Elegant and lightweight, this silk scarf is a perfect accessory for the upcoming spring season. The medusa print is filled with vibrant colors that bring any outfit to life. Our silk scarves are available in 4 different materials to suit every taste: poly chiffon, satin charmeuse, matte crepe, and silk habotai.


Love in the City of Angels Recycled Organic Cotton Tote Bag ($45)

The guardian angel is a wonderful symbol of platonic love. This recycled organic cotton tote bag is an ideal solution for carrying belongings on an everyday basis, making it a practical yet considerate gift.



San Francisco 9oz Handmade Aromatherapy Candle ($32)


Lighting up a lovely scented candle is a wonderful way to unwind. Treat your friends to some art-inspired aromatherapy with our  handmade 100% natural soy wax blend candles. Available in 3 different scents, your friends will be able to indulge in the ultimate self-care session.

Gifts For Family Members

Few bonds are stronger than the bonds of family, biological or chosen. Honor this special tier of platonic love with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

For parents or new parents

The Beach Body Pillow ($67.90)

 beach body pillow

Give your parents the gift of comfort with this body pillow. This body pillow is also a great gift for new parents with a newborn to ease some of the aftermath of childbirth. The artwork evokes a feeling of serenity, perfect for the people that spent a lifetime worrying and caring for you. This beautiful and practical gift can be used as a piece of eye-catching artwork or for a better night’s sleep.

For siblings

framed bamboo panel 1

Framed Bamboo Fine Art Print - Panel 1 secret of life

To love someone as a brother or sister is to share an incredible level of closeness. Let the Secret Life Of Plants act as a representation of the secret signals and smiles you’ve shared over the years.

For children

Organic Cotton Abstract Bird Sweatshirt ($48)

 Organic Cotton Abstract Bird Sweatshirt

This Abstract Bird sweatshirt captures the vibrancy and innocence of childhood, the perfect way to honor the smiles and laughs our children constantly give us. Made with comfortable and sustainable organic cotton, this sweatshirt will inspire them through many playdates, art classes, and family outings.

For grandchildren

Organic Cotton Monogrammed Babybugz Denim Jacket ($78)


 kids denim jacket

The love between a grandparent and grandchild is beautiful and pure. Spoil your littlest love with a customizable denim jacket made of organic cotton. This high quality jacket can be given a personalized upgrade with embroidered initials on the backside!

Gifts For Lovers

Of course, there’s never a better time to show your significant other how much they mean to you than on February 14th. Add some extra magic to your Valentine’s Day with art.

Sparks in San Francisco Hobo Leather Bag ($481)



Keep the sparks burning with this stylish art print leather hobo bag. A must-have style for the season, this bag will be the perfect accessory for a romantic Valentine’s dinner date.

Gaia Framed in Gold

Gaia Framed in Gold Oil Painting ($1,100)

Part of the Power of Love collection, Gaia framed in gold is a tribute to peace and beauty. The primal Mother Earth goddess wears an ornate floral headpiece, which lends a romantic feeling to this oil painting.


Open Your Eyes 

Open Your Eyes To The Power Of Love Oil Painting ($1,200)

Also part of the Power of Love collection, Open Your Eyes is a stunning piece that captures the essence of traditional romance through soft pastels, floral detailing, and the graceful pose of a woman.


into the light

For more Valentine’s Day gift inspiration, browse our entire selection of original artwork, art to wear eco-fashion, and home decor!

January 25, 2022 — Ane Howard