Did you know that all my art-to-wear and designs are made-on-demand and are eco-friendly? Even the canvas oil paints that I use to create my artwork are eco-friendly. 

My creations are very limited edition and exclusive and are only offered by me here or at various local markets that I attend on the weekends. 



Doing my part for the planet matters to me. I am only working with Eco-fabrics and all are made in strict Eco-friendly conditions. My organic cotton is without doubt the best on the market, baby-cheek soft, while my vegan silk lets bright color shine while draping the body effortlessly, all cruelty-free. My poly, rayon and nylon are eco-friendly, and some of my dresses, such as the hoodie dresses,  are even made from recycled plastic bottles!  I mean business!

 Every pattern is made from my original artwork and is crafted in my studio in London, Paris, Montréal, and the USA.

Made to order – no two products are the same, and each one is made custom for you. 

Slow fashion – as each product is made from scratch, we don't mass-produce anything, benefiting both you and the planet.  

Sustainable methods – from clever waste management to recycling and reusing materials, we're leading the industry in eco-friendly manufacturing of all products.

High quality materials – we source the finest fabrics, leathers, zippers, threads, and more.

Artisanal handmaking – my studio prints, cuts, sews, and finished every product by hand for that special handmade touch.

Original Designs-  each pattern is designed by me and starts off as an original artwork. 

Original Artwork    the original artwork is available for your purchase and so are fine art prints. 

Artist Reputation - I am an internationally known-artist with exhibition in art galleries and museums. 


Remember when you buy from my gallery, you support a small business that is minimizing negative impact on our beautiful Mother Earth, and you're getting one-of-a-kind art for your life. 

With Gratitude,