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It's an increasingly toxic world out there. So many products that we use in our daily lives are made with harsh chemicals, or through environmentally damaging processes. These products often have effects on our bodies that we don't fully understand. Some days it seems like we're inundated with hazardous products, from plastics made with BPA to foods stuffed full of preservatives and high fructose corn syrup. That's why I have chosen to offer an eco-friendly art-to-wear collection for the whole family with minimized or nullified negative impact on your health and the environment. Bamboo jersey is my latest introduction. I'm starting off with introducing five racertanks for women and one men shirt: SignatureDeep Secret, La Plage, No DivingCowgirl and finally Men's Bamboo Jersey T-Shirt Wave. I will expand the collection slowly so make sure to return to it regularly. As you know, I'm not a retailer but an artist committed to bringing art to all aspects of your life.


Seven Health Benefits of Bamboo Fabrics to Your Life

We want the best for our children and ourselves. It can be difficult to sort through information about all the complex materials we ingest, use, and live with on a daily basis. That's why it's important to embrace clean, healthy, and ethically-sourced products when we find them. Many health-conscious consumers have begun using bamboo cotton products whenever they find the opportunity. With bamboo textiles, there are so many benefits, from environmental sustainability to improved health and wellness. 
How is Cotton Bamboo Made? 
When manufactured correctly, bamboo textiles can be very environmentally friendly. The process of creating bamboo fabrics involves crushing the rigid, wooden part of the plant, then adding a natural enzyme to break it down into a soft, pulpy material. Fibers, in turn, are combed out of the pulpy mash and woven into strands of fabric. 

Bamboo textiles that are sourced using a mechanical method are environmentally friendly, providing you with products that you can feel comfortable using.
The Benefits of Bamboo Cotton 

It's ethically sourced 
Bamboo itself is a plant with multiple uses, and it is extremely helpful to the environment. For those who want to leave a better world for their children, bamboo may play a vital role. Bamboo serves all the functions of a normal hardwood tree, such as carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen production, and then some. It grows at such a quick rate, sometimes multiple feet per day, making it a great substitute for slower growing hardwood forests. Plus, it can be used to create so many wonderful, environmentally friendly products. 


La Plage Bamboo Racerback

It's chemical free 
Bamboo does not require pesticides or other hazardous chemicals to grow. It grows rapidly on its own. Mechanically separated and spun bamboo cotton is also chemical free. Natural enzymes are used in its production rather than abrasive chemicals and dyes. Products made from bamboo cotton, such as sheets or hand towels, are chemical free unlike synthetic fabrics. Bamboo cotton sheets give your body a break from the barrage of harmful, chemically derived products that your body is exposed to daily. 

It's hypoallergenic 
Because bamboo is chemical free, it is also hypoallergenic. Bamboo cotton sheets, pajamas, shirts, and undergarments are perfect for sensitive skin as they do not contain allergenic components like synthetic materials do. Clothing made from bamboo is perfect for babies and young children. 
It's antibacterial 
Products made from bamboo fabrics aren't just environmentally clean. They're cleaner overall. 
Bamboo grows so quickly in part because it has a natural antibacterial quality that repels bugs, pests, and disease. Studies have found that this antibacterial quality transfers to bamboo products even after the fibers have been mechanically separated. This means cleaner, less smelly sheets and towels that can go longer in between each wash cycle. 

Racerback bamboo Deep Secret
It's moisture absorbent 
Bamboo cotton is the ideal choice for children's wear because of bamboo's natural ability to absorb moisture. Bamboo is able to absorb multiple times its weight in liquid. Clothing made from bamboo textile can help reduce heat and moisture related rashes while keeping your baby's skin dry and smelling good. 
It's extremely durable 
Bamboo is known for its strength and rigidity. Furniture made from bamboo is extra tough and hard to break. Bamboo is also known for its flexibility. The same holds true for bamboo textiles. Fabrics made of bamboo are the perfect marriage of strength and suppleness. They will stand up to repeated use without losing their soft texture. 

Don't forget the softness! 
Bamboo cotton is soft. Even softer than Egyptian cotton. Not only does it have hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and moisture absorbent qualities, it's also incredibly soft. Sheets, baby clothes, and towels made from cotton bamboo are some of the softest products available. They have a feel that just can't be matched in terms of comfort and cleanliness. 
Carefully Curated Bamboo Products 
Product quality matters. You want ethically sourced, quality made clothing and housewares that promote the health and well-being of your family and the planet. Consider implementing bamboo products into your family's household for a sense of health, prosperity, and ethical responsibility.

With Gratitude,