Is it possible for a sustainably-minded individual to take advantage of Black Friday offers? As long as you’re shopping with brands that share your values, we believe the answer is yes. Our Art Friday promotion is your chance to score an incredible deal on sustainable handcrafted bags in good conscience.

Large canvas tote organic cotton

How To Shop Sustainably This Black Friday

Make sure you’re doing your due diligence before filling your shopping cart this Black Friday. You can keep your purchases sustainable if you shop in a mindful manner. Choose your items with intention; rather than buying something just because it’s a good price, make sure you truly love it. Can you immediately think of different ways to style your item? Can you still imagine yourself wearing it several years into the future? If you answer yes to these questions, chances are you’re making the right choice. 

The next step is to consider the brand and composition of the item. These are the factors that determine whether it’s been made sustainably or not.

Here’s what to look out for to ensure your purchase will be gentle on the earth: 

  • Eco-friendly fibers and dyes
  • Upcycle or vegan leather
  • Fair wages for garment makers and artisans
  • High-quality materials that will last for years
  • Sustainable packaging and shipping methods
  • Made to order to minimize waste and loss
  • Sustainable printing methods
  • Transparency about the supply chain and manufacturing process


All of these factors may seem like a lot to consider, but it’s important to remember that sustainable fashion is about progress rather than perfection. You don’t have to completely overhaul your life to become sustainable. Sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. Ease your way into a sustainable lifestyle by slowly changing your shopping habits. You can work through the sustainability checklist one point at a time. If your purchase happens to tick more than one box, even better!

The Art To Wear Difference

Ethics and sustainability are at the forefront of our unique Art To Wear eco-fashion collection. We take a lot of things into consideration during the production process to ensure its environmental impact is minimal.



 We’re especially proud of our Art To Wear bags. Not only are the art prints striking, each bag is carefully handcrafted in Europe using upcycled and eco-friendly fabrics like canvas and vegan leather. Our manufacturing process minimizes energy and water consumption through a combination of recycled water, low water usage inks, and vegan inks.

At Fine Art By Ane we strive for impeccable quality and minimal waste. That’s why we work on a made to order basis. This process allows our skilled artisans to fully demonstrate their excellent level of craftsmanship while preventing overproduction. We ensure that our talented garment workers are paid fair wages and work in safe conditions.

Whether you opt for a roomy holdall or a chic crossbody bag, an Art To Wear bag will forever be a meaningful and one of a kind piece. You’ll adore its beautiful print and be impressed by the quality for years to come.

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