I am often asked how one should care for their exclusive, art-to-wear eco-friendly garments. And it is quite simple, just follow those nine tips and enjoy your beautiful garments for years to come.

Here are my recommendations to extend the longevity of your finest eco-friendly clothes.

  1. Of course, only wash your clothes in cold water, except the whites
  2. Don't ever use bleach, even for your whites. Replace the bleach with baking soda or distilled vinegar
  3. To preserve the shape of your garment, use the gentle cycle 
  4. Use plant-based baby laundry detergent such as Charlie’s Soap Laundry Liquid
  5. As much as possible, air-dry your clothes. The dryer is so bad for the fibers
  6. If you must use a dryer, use the low or medium heat temperature and never let your clothes dry completely
  7. To preserve bright color, turn your clothes inside out
  8. Never hang wool or cotton sweaters but rather fold them in and store them in a drawer. A sweater that has been hung will eventually have its shoulders stretched out from the hanger and lose some of its shapes.
  9. The best way to protect winter garments such as wool sweaters, scarves, or even your bedding, is to store them in tightly sealed plastic containers and store them in a dry room.

Another plus, I have calculated that by buying quality clothing and preserving them with the steps above, I have saved over $500 a year on clothing, not to mention that when I tire of them, my garments are still in such good condition that I can resell them on Poshmark.

I hope this is helpful!


Artist and eco-fashion designer