Our homes have truly become our sanctuaries over the past few years. They’re not just the place we sleep and relax; our homes may also be our primary spaces for work, exercise, or socializing. It’s unsurprising that interior decor has seen such a rise in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. Now that we spend more time at home than ever, we want our homes to be as comforting as possible. Fortunately, 2022’s home decor trends are all about evoking serenity and joy. Discover the best pieces to add to your home this year below! 

Cheerful Colors

After years of stark white and cool gray interiors dominating the decor scene, bright colors are back in style! Humans have relied on cheerful colors to lift their moods for centuries, be it through objects found in nature or clothing. The tendency, aptly nicknamed ‘dopamine dressing’, has finally re-entered the world of interior decor. Filling your home with lively colors is an easy way to boost your mood, create a soothing atmosphere, and give your home character.

2022’s top trending interior colors include purple, especially softer hues like lilac and periwinkle, coral, sage green, daffodil yellow, and powder blue.

Peaceful Chaos Body Pillow ($88.90), Bird of Paradise Sublimation Glass Cutting Board ($52), & Love in the City of Angels Standing Lamp ($109 - $129)

Nature Motifs & Organic Surfaces

Connecting with nature is another proven way to improve inner peace. Nature walks were our primary source of escapism for much of the pandemic, and our appreciation for Mother Earth has now extended to our interiors. From organic materials such as terracotta, and marble to houseplants and decor with nature motifs, 2022 is all about bringing the great outdoors inside.

Secret of Life Large Rug ($540) & Blue Bird Throw Pillow ($58)

‘Japandi’ Interiors

The latest decor craze is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian style. It’s clean and minimalist with a focus on neutral colors, simple lines, and touches of greenery. Think simple, low furniture with warm wooden accents, paper lanterns, and accent houseplants.

Sparks in San Francisco Designer Area Rug ($289) & Colors of Tokyo Canvas Art Print ($69.40 - $125.90)

Multifunctional Furniture

As our homes have evolved into offices, studios, and gyms, we’ve started seeking out furniture with at least one purpose. Hidden storage, partitions, easy mobility, built-in shelves, and other functional features will get prioritized over items that are purely decorative.

Rainbow Handmade Folding Screen ($449 - $759) & Medusa Ottoman ($165.90 - $198.90)

Gentle Curves

Keeping in line with the trend for cheerful colors, furniture and accessories designed with gentle curves also create a relaxing ambience. These calming pieces have a retro-inspired feel reminiscent of the 60s and 70, and the soft lines create an enhanced feeling of comfort.

Bird of Paradise Occasional Chair ($777) & Ocean Blue Standing Lamp ($109 - $129)

Sustainable Materials

Consumers have become more environmentally-conscious in the midst of the climate crisis. Sustainable materials have become equally important as aesthetics to many shoppers. At Fine Art By Ane, sustainability is at the top of our priority list. All of our home decor pieces are made with eco-friendly materials such as eco polyester and responsibly sourced wood, and are made-to-order to eliminate production waste.

Sparks Eco Polyester Bed Fitted Sheets & Pillow Cases ($100 - $317) & Rainbow Handmade White Clay Seder Dish ($81)

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February 17, 2022 — Ane Howard