Refreshing your home decor is one of the best ways to embrace a seasonal switch. Your home decor update doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul; adding just one new piece is enough to make your home feel new and exciting.


A standout item in an art-inspired print will create an elegant and fresh feeling wherever you decide to put it. Get your house ready for the holiday season with home decor from our exclusive Objet d’Art Collection. We’re highlighting some of our favorite pieces below! 

Bedding Sets


A new bedding set for your bedroom or guest room can completely change the feeling of the room. After all, the bed is often the first thing you notice upon entering the room. Choosing a bedding set with an artistic print will add a vibrant and unique feel to the room. It also means that you can keep the rest of your decor minimal, as the bed will be the focal point of the room. Our Life Of Plants bedding set is made of a smooth and luxurious cotton sateen fabric that will gradually become softer over time. It will be a delight to sleep on and look at.


Bedding sets are available from $98 - $165

Floor Pillows

floor pillows


Use an oversized floor pillow to create a cozy haven reminiscent of an opulent Moroccan living room. Floor pillows can also be displayed vertically to be used as alternative pieces of wall art; they look particularly good next to large plants or wall features like fireplaces. East meets west with our Go West Cowgirl! Floor pillow cover. The deep brown tones and western aesthetic evoke the rustic feeling of the colder months. Our floor pillow covers are all made of spun polyester and are printed to order.


Floor pillow covers available for $75

Pouf Chair


pouf chair table

A pouf chair will add an air of elegance to your living room. It can be used purely as a decorative piece, as a light footrest, or as a small table if ordered in a larger size. Our Charles The Koi pouf chair pays homage to the Koi Art Collection, which is inspired by classic Japanese motifs. Koi fish have traditionally symbolized good luck, perseverance, and abundance. Displaying this revered emblem in your home is the perfect way to encourage an optimistic feeling for the new year. Our pouf chairs are made of eco-friendly recycled polyester and are filled with soft polystyrene beads for optimal levels of comfort.


Pouf chair available from $168.90 - $198.90

Original Paintings

Nothing brings a room to life like an original painting. Ane Howard’s abstract oil and mixed media paintings all tell a captivating and emotional story. Her use of contrasting colors and deconstructed lines will complement many types of interior decor, whether it’s adding a bold touch to a minimalist home or bringing modernity to a bohemian home. All of Ane Howard’s original paintings are ready for framing when sold. Paintings can also be turned into fine art prints in order to cater to a wide variety of budgets.


Original paintings by Ane Howard available from $295 - $2,800


Shop Ane Howard’s Objet d’Art Home Decor Collection today to find the most sophisticated and one of a kind pieces for your home. Each item is limited edition and made to order, ensuring exclusivity and promoting sustainability.