The arrival of a new year always brings the desire to become the best version of yourself. We all want to improve our mental and physical wellbeing, which is why so many of our new year’s resolutions are related to health and wellness. Recent news sources have shared that some of the most popular new year’s resolutions for 2022 are exercising more, being more environmentally-friendly, increasing self-awareness, and taking care of mental health. Find out how Fine Art By Ane’s athletic art-to-wear collection can help with all of these resolutions below!

Exercise More With Athletic Art-To-Wear

Regular exercise is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Keeping fit is about much more than looking great. Exercise also strengthens our bodies, improves the function of vital organs, helps us sleep better, and boosts our moods. Simply put, being fit makes life more enjoyable.


How can you find the motivation to exercise regularly? You could hire a personal trainer, but a great set of workout gear may also do the trick. Studies have shown that wearing certain garments can hype you up and improve your performance. This is a phenomenon called ‘enclothed cognition’. Dressing for success doesn’t just apply to job interviews and business meetings; comfortable and stylish workout clothes lead to a better workout!


‘City of Angels’ Athletic Crop Top ($45) + Yoga Capris ($65)


The vibrant orange hue of this athletic set will inspire you to feel the burn!


‘Urban Garden’ Men’s Tracksuit Jacket ($185) + Trousers ($145)


Be bold in this comfortable yet practical tracksuit that works for any activity.


‘Wahine’ Premium Water Bottle ($35.40 - $39.40)


Don’t forget to stay hydrated while you exercise! This stylish printed water bottle will keep you refreshed for the entirety of your workout.

Be More Sustainable With Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Athletic art-to-wear is activewear that you can feel good about, and not just because of the exercise-induced endorphin rush. Our entire collection is locally designed in LA with eco-friendly fabrics such as eco-polyester, eco-spandex, and organic cotton. Often recycled, these fabrics require significantly less water and energy to manufacture than their conventional counterparts. Our prints are created with water-based inks and non-toxic oil paints that don’t harm the planet. Each piece is made on a print-to-order basis that eliminates the need for excess inventory.


Our eco-friendly pieces combine the best of both worlds with their comfortable fits and fabrics. We specifically seek out breathable, antimicrobial fabrics that enhance athletic performance. These special fabrics also offer protection against unwanted odor and bacteria and keep clothes cleaner for longer. Our antimicrobial fabrics extend to our range of yoga mats and towels, so that your exercise equipment can stay fresh too.



‘Street Blue’ Scoop Bralette ($28) +  Street Blue Yoga Capri ($65).



Made with a blend of eco-poly, eco-spandex, and organic cotton, this set offers all the comfort and support you’ll need during a workout.


‘Big Sur’ Eco-Friendly Hoodie Dress ($160)


A contemporary blend of sporty and chic, our eco-friendly hoodie dresses are perfect for hikes, nature walks, or trips to the gym. You’ll love the feel of the soft, breathable jersey.


Premium Hoodie Dress Secret Life of Plants ($74)

‘Heart Angel’ Antimicrobial Yoga Mat ($92)


‘Heart Angel’ Antimicrobial Yoga Mat Towel ($36)

Create a softer and cleaner surface with this antimicrobial yoga mat towel. This versatile piece can be used for extra padding or as an exercise towel.

Take Care of Your Mental Health With Art

Numerous studies have shown that art has a positive effect on our mental health. Admiring the rich colors, textures, and unique details of artwork enhances creativity and soothes our minds. A great piece of art is a form of escapism; it can transport our minds to the calmest and most beautiful of places. Our collection of art-to-wear clothing allows you to embrace the wonder of artwork anywhere you go. All you’ll need to do is look down!




‘Wave’ Athletic Crop Top ($45) + Performance Yoga Pants ($65) 

 Nothing says serenity like the calming blue waves of the ocean. Make your next yoga class even more relaxing with this stylish yoga set.


Eco Sports Bra Peaceful Chaos ($44) +High waist Antimicrobial Leggings Peaceful Chaos ($65)


 ‘7 Chakras’ Antimicrobial Yoga Mat ($92)

 This beautiful printed yoga mat will guide the mind to a peaceful place during poses and meditation.


Are you ready to make 2022 your year of wellness? Explore our athletic art-to-wear range now!  

January 06, 2022 — Ane Howard