Convenient Payment Plans for Original Art, Eco Fashion & Home Decor.

Fine Art can be described in many ways: wonderful, inspiring, provocative. It’s a lot of things, but one word that you won’t often hear is affordable. While it’s true that some pieces cost a small fortune, that’s certainly not the case with Fine Art by Ane. We strive to make beautiful art accessible for everyone and a good financial investment with our convenient payment plans, and museum-quality reproductions. They can be applied to any of our products, whether you’re looking to upgrade your home with wall art, wardrobe, home decor, or eco-fashion. Find out how to get affordable art with payment plans below!


AfterPay & Shop Pay Installment Plans

Installment plans were only available for tech items back in the day, but other industries have since caught up. We offer convenient, interest-free payment plans through AfterPay and Shop Pay. Both are secure methods designed to make purchases more manageable. If you’d rather not pay for the upfront cost of an item, you can choose to split the cost over four equal payments. Our installment plans are available on all Art to Wear Eco-Fashion pieces, Objet d’Art home decor, and Fine Art prints.

shop pay


What’s the catch?

There genuinely is no catch! Both methods are secure and interest-free. We understand that everyone’s financial preferences and situations are different, so we want to cater to our customers.


What’s the difference between AfterPay and Shop Pay?

The principles are the same, but the companies are different. Shop Pay is Shopify’s own payment method, while AfterPay was developed as an individual business. Both are highly reputable payment methods, so it just comes down to personal preference. For example, if you shop with many brands that use Shopify as their selling platform, you may find it helpful to create a Shop Pay account. If not, you may prefer AfterPay.  

Shop Pay is powered by Stripe, the same payment processor used by major brands including Amazon, Glossier, and Under Armour.


Whichever method you choose will result in convenient, stress-free shopping.

Layaway Plans

Long before the rise of online shopping, the art world happily accepted payment plans. They simply have a different name in our industry: layaway plans.


peaceful chaos oil painting in the living room


Ane Howard Gallery offers interest-free layaway plans for all pieces of original artwork over $300. The payment plans can last from 2 to 6 months and require an initial deposit between 50% and 25% of the total price. A 50% deposit is required for pieces between $300 and $700, while a 25% deposit is required for artworks over $700.


After the initial deposit has been paid, the plan is set up through your choice of a credit card or PayPal account. We calculate the total price of the artwork, including taxes, by dividing it by two or six depending on the selected plan. Payments are taken monthly around the same date as the initial deposit. The artwork remains in the gallery until it has been fully paid but is set aside from the general public. Please note that all of our layaway sales are final, as we make the art unavailable for viewing after the initial deposit has been paid.

With these easy-to-pay plans, that much-desired artwork, bomber jacket or silk kimono may be yours.


bomber jacket



Shop with ease and comfort in the Ane Howard Gallery and Fine Art by Ane Shop. We want you to enjoy our artwork, so don’t hesitate to use our payment plans.


28 octobre, 2022 — Ane Howard